Affiliates & Partners

As a small business owner, I appreciate and enjoy referral relationships with other businesses and professionals. If there is anything I can do to help your business, please reach out.

Along those lines, I reward those who send business my way as well.

Affiliate Structure:

If you refer a new client to me and we do business together, I offer the following referral structure:

1st Project/Transaction: 35% of total fee charged
Subsequent Projects/Transactions: 10% of all fees charged for life

For example, let’s say you refer an associate to me. On the first project together, I bill $1,000. On the next two projects together, I bill $500 each time.

First project commission to you: (35% of $1,000) = $350
Second project commission to you (10% of $500) = $50
Third project commission to you (10% of $500) = $50
Total commission to you = $450

Please contact me for more information or to refer a client.